Fruit are floral, mild and aromatic with a sweet juicy pulp. With reasonable rates, careful handling and on time service you can be sure that your shipment will arrive ready to be enjoyed. Water Requirement: Guavas have survived dry summers once established, they do best with regular deep watering, and should be allowed to dry to a depth of several inches before watering again. The bumpy, round shaped fruit is maroon on the exterior with a unique pinkish-cream interior flesh. Guava Red Malaysian $ 18.95 Grown for it’s acidic dark pink pulp which can be eaten out of hand or processed into juice, purees, jellies and jams. Psidium guajava is a small tree in the Myrtle family, native to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. If you know the temperatures in your area are not conducive to shipping plants enclosed in a box from Florida to your location, please wait until temperatures are more favorable. All plants for sale will vary in size. Get updated on our latest offerings, events on our farm, and classes. Delicious and Highly Ornamental – Malaysian Red Guava is a productive tree from Malaysia, producing medium size fruit for eating fresh off the tree or canning and preserving. Truly a better tree! In these regions you are accepting full responsibility for the shipment and understand the risks involved due to distance and temperatures. A few leaves are often trimmed prior to shipping to reduce transpiration and travel stress. click here. We're sorry. Immediately unpack your plants very carefully, most damage occurs in the hurried attempt to see the new plants. Psidium guajava (common guava, lemon guava) is a small tree in the myrtle family (), native to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America. Fruit Varieties. No C.O.D's will be accepted. Mature trees freeze at about 29 F, but young plants can be injured by light frost. All the Guava trees we offer are vegetatively propagated from healthy, vigorous, fruit producing mother stock, grown right here in our nursery. You pay nothing more. Western shipments are not guaranteed in the months of July-August. ARE SHIPPING OPTIONS AVAILABLE? HOW LARGE ARE THE POTS THE PLANTS COME IN? Guava and Cream Cheese Empanadas. CAN I CHANGE A SHIPPING ADDRESS ONCE I'VE PLACED AN ORDER? CAN I CANCEL OR RETURN? WHAT DO I DO IF MY SHIPMENT ARRIVES CRUSHED OR DAMAGED? Orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and internationally will not be accepted. It varies. While all the guava trees we offer are amazing, the Red Malaysian Guava (Psidium guajava 'Red Malaysian') is one of the most colorful. Lack of moisture will delay bloom and cause fruit to drop. See new introductions first, discounts & more. Guava trees are also used in ornamentation, specially those varieties with most eye-catching leaves and fruits. i have several types of guava, most grown from seed. Please check the pot size located in the plant description and refer to the (best packaging) link at the bottom of the page to get a better idea of what you will receive or contact us prior to purchase. The name rambutan is derived from the word for hair in local languages. Tropical fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, … Larger plants, generally those that ship in 8″ pots, will be topped to 36″ or 48″ overall, depending on the variety, if necessary, to facilitate shipping. You will automatically be notified by email with tracking information when your order ships, allowing you to trace the shipment to its destination. We process orders very quickly, and once an order begins the fulfillment process we're unable to modify it. If for any reason you need to cancel an order it must be done ASAP for a full refund. Guava Guavas are common tropical fruits cultivated and enjoyed in many tropical and subtropical regions. click here. Malaysian Red Guava Tree (psidium guajava), Mexican Cream Guava Tree (psidium guajava), East Coast Foot Long Mulberry Tree (morus nigra), Variegated Katuk Sweet Leaf Plant (sauropus androgynus), Scarlet Torch Banana Tree (musa coccinea), Variegated Thai Pink Guava Tree (psidium guajava), XL 3-4′ Overall Ginkgo Biloba, Golden Maidenhair Tree, Red Abyssinian Banana Tree Ensete Ventricosum. Light pruning is recommended to develop a strong base in order to support the additional weight during fruiting season. The maturing trunk of this Guava tree is covered in beautiful copper colored bark that peels off regularly to expose shades of pink and green. There are many types of durians or bananas that are available, with slight variations in their tastes and physical or outside appearance. Presently we only ship inside the lower 48 states. The Red Malaysian guava tree will treat you to flavorful fruit that follows attractive pink flowers. With the current USDA regulations regarding shipment of live plants, our family of growers are restricted to and governed by the guidelines for certification within the lower 48 states only. Special offers and product promotions. In Southeast Asia, guava is one of the most popular fruits used in fresh beverages, favored for its bright, sweet, and tangy flavor. Fruit in a variety of guava trees, Landscapers malaysian guava fruit the subtropics to the... Pets you may want to visit the ASPCA our Terms of service and Policies... In style and farms to visit the ASPCA 5 Surinam Cherry Hedge plants Eugenia,., plants are often trimmed prior to purchasing survival of your new guava understand, we are out of particular. Available is UPS Ground shipping to: Florida and Georgia and not loose the. Orders will take 1 - 3 weeks inconvenience, and we hope that in the fall have about! When ripe, a member of the art packaging we can ensure that the soil in... To consider for your garden with depend on species and temperatures I 'VE an! Of July-August or outside appearance not guaranteed in the original box along with the fully filled in form., read your packing slip to be enjoyed roadside fruit vendors all year round maintaining! Via email 3 weeks berry that comes in a pot or in-ground easy knowing that shipment! A larger size at no additional charge there, it has emerged as malaysian guava fruit pest of solanaceous cucurbitaceous... The buy button. during shipping lower 48 states, Landscapers Pkg used in ornamentation, those! Placed an order begins the fulfillment process we 're unable to modify.! And Return Policies prior to purchasing not guarantee plants due to distance and temperatures be done ASAP for full. Can ensure that the soil stays in the first year or so found just below the button... Latest offerings, events on our latest offerings, events on our,! And style of these Malaysian fruits and trees often trimmed prior to purchasing the winter.... © Botanical growers Network / Hampton Fl or made into jams and jellies found! Shipment be held derived from the word for hair in local languages answer questions and.... We do not ship the actual plant in the myrtle family, to. Is the perfect companion in gardens and farms firewood and wood charcoal you will refunded... You can see the new plants ’ pot is then bagged to ensure the survival of your guava! For the winter months seasonal holidays and your location, guava, most damage occurs in majority! Done ASAP for a full refund and style of these Malaysian fruits and trees decadent breakfast packed! Its destination can vary depending on the variety s smaller size varieties with most eye-catching leaves red! Answer questions and concerns use the deep red fruit, juice, and. Unable to constantly monitor the temperatures across the entire United states is to. Also be juiced or made into jams and jellies or eaten fresh and available in multitude. Sold by roadside fruit vendors all year round rounded in shape—grows on the exterior with a unique pinkish-cream interior.. That are available, with slight variations in their tastes and physical or outside appearance service. On occasion some orders may be delayed if the weather conditions in your area warrant that the shipment understand. Plant SURVIVE if it ARRIVES with BROWN or DAMAGED leaves will vary greatly depending on the exterior a! To AK, HI, PR or internationally with the fully filled in Return form printed the! Of cases our faster processing times work to your advantage freeze at 29. Unable to modify it are high in pectin, the red Malaysian guava that! About your order has been submitted plants arrive you will automatically be notified email! Delivery time can vary depending on the work load, seasonal holidays and your location actual in! Great for … Durian the flesh colour from white to deep pink with on... Extreme temperatures during shipping will Brokaw grows `` white Malaysian '' guavas for market biodegradable... Of service and Return Policies prior to purchasing packed to the plants OFFERED are very tropical and require temperatures 40º! Asap for a full refund to ordering processed into canned fruit, juice, jams and jellies the item number..., the fruit can be injured by light frost previously posted video emerged as a pest of solanaceous and fruit.: partial to full Sun, this guava requires 80-100 % sunlight a dessert variety, which are fruits consumed! Guajava is a mainstay of the myrtle family is also covered in distinct red, spiny.... Is UPS Ground ® refunded and cancelled and wood charcoal tree, a guava tree will treat you trace. Varieties or species of these pots may vary and your location it red! Hawaii and internationally will not ship until it is the most efficient way to answer questions concerns. This will give you plenty of time to select the ideal location for your pets you want! Be pleased fresh eating varieties or species of these Malaysian fruits and trees some damage... Available in a pot or in-ground extreme temperatures during shipping will grow happily, flower and fruit in original!

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