Lamp Mygdal

Self sustaining ecosystems for urban spaces by Nui Studio.

Lamp Mygdal

Nature contributes significantly to our well-being. Plants are therefore playing an increasingly important role in our urban environment. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ,green thumb‘ required or even enough daylight around to care for their greenery.

Through its smart design, the plant light Mygdal allows having living plants even in windowless interiors. Within the last months of development, the team of Nui Studio succeeded in composing a lamp with a completely autonomous ecosystem that allows plants to photosynthesize in the most unliekely environments. The name is a tribute to the glassmaker Peter Kuchinke from the village of Mygdal in northern Denmark. Translated into English Mygdal means "fertile soil".

The Mygdal plant lamps are designe as a pendant lamp as well as a standing lamp in two different seizes. The standing lamp has an electrically conductive glass coating rendering an invisible connection between the power source and the LED. This technical innovation opens up new opportunities in luminaire design. The aesthetically pleasing combination of light and plants inside a mouth blown and hand-finished glass lamp creates a soothing atmosphere.

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