StDamos Illustrations

Great collection by Thessaloniki-based illustrator Stavros Damos.

StDamos Illustrations

"I was born in Thessaloniki in 1977, where I also studied graphic design at AAS College of Art & Design. My main professional activities and specialization are focused on illustration. My clients are primarily advertising agencies, publishing houses and magazines."

"As far as I can remember, I had a strong interest for arts and especially for drawing. I've learned to draw and illustrate as a child. Later in high school I've managed to make my style more personal and unique. I love to draw with traditional tools, like watercolors and colored pencils although most of my work, done with digital tools. I prefer to illustrate with a wacom tablet in Photoshop. It gives me control and save me time! Custom brushes, grunge textures and layer blending modes are my usual tools to illustrate my themes."

"I see the subject as a sculptor... I brake the forms, and illustrate them with line strokes. I'm trying to achieve a 3d feel..."

"I usually get inspiration through music and movies. This is my basic influence... Also like traveling and spending time with friends drinking coffee and beers! Normal human things! I'm wasting my spare time, trying to be in a continuous creative search for new ideas and techniques..."

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