Hyperreal by Mike Dargas

The perfection of his technique seems to search for the perfect image...

Hyperreal by Mike Dargas

Mike was born 1983 in Cologne, Germany. He already starts painting as a child. Besides his early works and scetches he already uses oil colour and sells first works to friends of the family. At the age of 11 Mike presents his talent in public with road surface paintings on the "Domplatteā€œ in front of Cologne Cathedral. He was accepted at an art school as the only child in an adult class and learned different techniques.

In his early 20s he became famous in the tattoo scene and wins all important awards and grants. Inspiried by Dali, Caravaggio and HR Giga Mike begins to focus on surrealism and realism. His works show the picture of people, painted realistically in oil on canvas. The precise technique gives, like a photography, a snapshot of the moment. The artist studies his motifs with such intensity, that each portrait pictures a profile of increasing intimate closeness.

Mike finds his models in his everyday life and is not limited on certain types. He portrays young and old, beautiful and dark, fragile and strong people. They are lost in thoughts, show inner conflicts or transmit a unique and sometimes even holy calmness.

The perfection of his technique seems to search for the perfect image, like he was searching for the soul within each single one. With his works Mike Dargas challenges us to take a deeper look, to understand the nature of human being and to question our own emotional perception. The artist lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

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