Paris Citadium Concept

New store concept arriving in Paris Citadium by Pull&Bear.

Paris Citadium Concept

"To mark our store re-opening at Citadium, Paris, we contacted four international artists with a challenge - to unleash their creativity using the bodywork of four vans as a canvas, similar to those decorating our newest stores."

Michela Picchi, an Italian cross-disciplinary artist, has chosen Berlin as her headquarters. From her German base, she produces creative ideas for magazines and brands belonging to multiple sectors - always with her own very personal approach, which draws inspiration from collage and psychedelia and adds a sophisticated twist.

Paris-born artist Shoboshobo works on a variety of fields within graphic design and has also entered the music world. His work has been exhibited in multiple countries. He has a stromng link with Japan, a nation he often travels to. His main style features are the lack of colour and a personal universe of half disturbing, half tender figures which he depicts with a pop touch.

Born in Slovakia and based in London, Martina Paukova is an illustrator who works for a wide range of international magazines, agencies, museums, universities and other institutions. Her work is colourful and eye-catching with its slightly vintage-looking images and texts.

A generous output of graphic art creation has built English illustrator Kyle Platts' complex, multifaceted caree, with topics ranging from social criticism to sheer entertainment. His works have been published by renowned media such as Vice magazine or The New York Times. His transgressor and provocating style will hardly leave anyone indifferent.

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