Fire Vase

A clay vase with a lateral cut that turns into a small tabletop fireplace.

Fire Vase

The fireplace always has been associated with comfort and home privacy. "We have produced an exterior fireplace for gardens and terraces. It can be a good complement for a romantic dinner under the light of the fire and the stars. 'Two glasses of wine and a Fire Vase'."

Martín Azúa continues developing handmade pieces that address “basic” needs: Manantial, Kantir or Fire Vase. Produced with a clay that endures high temperatures from fire and thermal shock.

Made in two sizes: 30 cm diameter, 45 cm height and 40 cm diameter, 60 cm height. Designed by Martín Azúa and produced in collaboration with the ceramist Marc Vidal. Turned by hand, all pieces are numbered and signed.

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