Maple Set Knives

Kitchen knives from a new perspective.

Maple Set Knives

With any wood product it is critical that proper maintenance and care is taken. "The knife set will come with an information sheet detailing out proper care and storage. If you've been following our development of these knifes than you'll know that it hasn't been an easy road. These knives break the traditional way of production and use. We've added in 4 visible rivets to ensure proper alignment and hold of the wood to the steel. We've grown the steel to encompass the back of the knives to give them a proper weight for use. These knives aren't designed to be your kitchen heavy hitters, but they are designed to work and work well. They make for a great gift to any chef or foodie with a passion."

"Each knife is hand made and unique. No two knives will have the same grain and expect minor variations in colouring. The wood used is a Canadian Maple and the steel is German X50CRMOV15 Stainless Steel. The set comes nicely packaged in a custom fit foam case and sturdy box."

"With this project, Maple Set, we wanted to look at kitchen knives from a new perspective. We focused on the essence of a knife, that key component that people visualize when thinking about a knife. We isolated the blade as that defining component and designed around that as the highlight of the product. By reducing the size and visual weight of the blade it becomes this sliver of polish and refinement. From there we looked at other kitchen tools and felt that the warmth of a wood made for a great material. The stark contrast of materials works well to highlight the smaller blade and blend the body into its surroundings."

"The project goal was to not only produce a beautiful product but to break the mold of traditional thinking on everyday products; to get people to think differently about what they see around them and how they see it. And with this project we believe we have succeeded in breaking that mold."

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