Anza Espresso Machine

Made in Berkeley, California, with concrete, quartz and porcelain.

Anza Espresso Machine

Is it real? Yes. Are we serious? Yes.

"Does it work? Beautifully. Designed, constructed and tested in the epicenter of coffee conceit, the bar was set high. We set it a touch higher."

"You could probably tell: The Anza is not made with stainless steel. There are a few of those out there already. This Anza was made with concrete, quartz and porcelain."

"This Anza: corian, brass and teak. "

"The Anza is an extension of a dearly-held belief: innovation around mere look and feel is a problem only half-solved. It represents a shift in material choice and looks to forge a new and improved relationship between you and your espresso machine through streamlined functionality. "

photo© by Jun Belen & Laura Bucholtz

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