ROLF Spectacles

With loving attention to detail.

"Obsessed to work with natural materials, to increase the products' quality and invest a lot of time in research and technical innovation, we intend to produce the perfect eyewear regarding durability, comfort and look. Due to the perfect symbiosis of in-house production, research, development and high-quality craftsmanship, we are enabled to work unlimited. The combination of these tools are the key for new styles and product lines."

At the Opti 2009, additional prototypes were showcased and for the first time it was possible to gauge responses to the product. People were thrilled, but the desired quality was lacking because of imprecise processes. Without any support from the banks, the project seemed headed for failure despite the positive feedback. Fortunately, support came from their families where the founders were able to continue investing in new machinery and optimized production processes. Finally in August 2009, ROLF could submit the first perfect set of glasses for the Silmo d`Or. Being nominated for the first time was an incredible feeling for ROLF, but later winning was beyond comprehension!

ROLF Spectacles is always looking for new materials that correspond with the company’s philosophy. That’s how the idea to combine wood with stone arouse, back in 2011. The layered structure of shale lends a lively upscale surface to every single frame. The outcome are truly puristic and stylish eyewear frames.

Between the blank stages and the completed set of frames there are 78 working steps. Crafting a pair of ROLF glasses requires several hours of work and a high degree of craftsmanship. The rasping stages require lots of concentration and precision, which we leave to experienced hands.

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