Vino Veritas

Branding and interior design by Spanish studio Masquespacio for a restaurant in Oslo.

Vino Veritas

Spanish design studio Masquespacio have recently completed the branding and interior design for Vino Veritas, a restaurant located in Oslo, Norway.

Starting from the really representative interior architecture for the Scandinavian countries with its natural wood walls and ceilings, here painted in white and adding a solid oak floor, in first case Masquespacio wanted to maintain the essence of the Norwegian interiors. Nevertheless when entering the space we can see how the Norwegian architecture blends on a natural and comfortable way with the Spanish culture and in particular with the Andalusian one. That way the typical Andalusian old balcony railings attract us, besides decorative elements like the baskets and blinds of esparto or the Spanish clay tiles.

The most traditional craftsmanship is always present through the elements mentioned before, but also by means of the handmade lamps of raffia, esparto and cord. On the other hand plants and fabrics of the chairs provide a touch of green color to the restaurant. Last the solid oak wood used for the furniture offers the elegancy required in this kind of restaurants, while the cushions designed by Masquespacio highlight the deco feeling of the space.

"It was important for us to highlight characteristics like the ecology and craftsmanship of Andalusia that were marked significantly by the business model of Vino Veritas. Although we wanted to take in count the beauty of the Norwegian architecture and always thinking in designing an elegant and warm, but at the same time inviting space, for a wider public looking for the Spanish culture and gastronomy."

The identity seeks to be inspired by the craftsmanship and ecology that determines the brand values of Vino Veritas. That’s why a vintage image was chosen to recuperate the traditional way of elaborating things. In first case, it can be noticed that the main logo contains a vine leaf and some grapes to highlight the core business of Vino Veritas. On the other hand the packagings created for the different products like olive oil, wine and almonds just use leafs. A classic Arabic pattern is another aspect to highlight through a reinvention from which a rhombus is extracted like an icon for the different communication tools. Further on major importance is given to ecology using recyclable paper and reusable packagings like the aged one for almonds that can easily be reused for storage in the kitchen by Vino Veritas’ customers. Last but not least ‘handmade’ is stand out through the paper, cord and scissors through packaging.

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