Secretive Skin

By Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, an emerging Korean-American artist working in Brooklyn, NY.

Secretive Skin

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, also known as Timmy, is an emerging Korean-American artist working in Brooklyn, NY. His works are inspired by themes of social stigma, identity, psychological disorders. He explores these themes through a novel vector – paintings and sculptures consisting largely of cell-like marks that vary in size, colour, and saturation.

Timmy says: "An installation that stands at the intersection of drawing and sculpture, uses paper as a metaphor for exploring Asian racial politics. Often stereotyped as a non-vocal and submissive community, I confront these cultural assumptions by harnessing the materiality and 'whiteness' of paper, and transforming its role as merely a surface to draw upon. The paper works can be read as sad, abject, or quietly defiant. By isolating the eyes from the face, I appropriate the stereotype of the 'demure and silent' Asian, for confrontational purposes."

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