City identity and branding proposal by Atelier Martino&Jaña.

"In June of this year (2014) we were invited, along with two other studios, to conceive a new visual identity for the city of Porto. We were given just 18 days to prepare a proposal, yet despite this, we responded to the opportunity with great enthusiasm and motivation."

"Firstly, because we’re very passionate about Porto – it's our hometown and the place where we truly belong. Secondly, because we believe that design is capable of making a much stronger and more intelligent contribution to the city. We believe that visual communication can surpass the sometimes expected aesthetics of branding, and that it has the capacity to help create and to frame dialogue, acting as a mediator between a city and its inhabitants. What we show and explain below is our response to this challenge."

"We love to work collaboratively. It runs in our blood, and has been one of the core premisses of the studio throughout the years. Working on such a big project involves spreading talent and thought through different areas and different problems. This provided the perfect opportunity not only to put us to test, but to work with some creatives and friends we’ve wanted to collaborate with for a long time. Therefore, we assembled a very talented multi-disciplinary team who worked tirelessly on the proposal. We are very grateful for the amount of effort and dedication each of them has put into this project, and are absolutely thrilled by the quality of the outputs we’ve produced together."

"Having such a big and talented team we encouraged ourselves to simultaneously explore a variety of approaches whilst establishing common visual areas of interest. All ideas were tested visually and discussed and those that showed promise were fine-tuned for further discussion."

"Deep into our development of the concept it became clear to us that our exploration extended beyond the specific goal of creating an identity for Porto. It inevitably involved asking in what ways is was possible for visual communication to reflect and represent a city – any city. We had embarked on a journey – a journey that implied more than choosing what vehicle to use – but thinking about the very nature of transportation."

"That questioning led us to a philosophy – how we understand identity. In turn the philosophy suggested a methodology – how we have chosen to assemble the visual components for an identity by creating a graphic vocabulary. Finally, the strategy – how we propose to use that vocabulary."

"Those three elements: philosophy, methodology and strategy, form the basis of our approach. Our idea of a visual vocabulary consists of a rich and diverse graphic lexicon that can be expanded and used in a diverse number of ways. It deliberately embodies a degree of abstractness. It forms the basis of the identity, and addresses all the constituent parts of the city."

"What we are presenting here is not a final piece of work. It is a visual concept that proposes a new way of organising the communication of the city and city hall, one that we believe is suited to Porto’s personality, history, and most importantly, its future."

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