Castello di Semivicoli

The view from the Semivicoli Castle, in the province of Chieti, sparkles with beauty.

Castello di Semivicoli

Semivicoli is a hamlet in the municipality of Casacanditella, 365 mt above sea level. From these enchanting hills, you can admire the beauty of the Majella peeks, just 20 km far from the castle, and the deep blue Adriatic Sea, 20 km away from our location. Castello di Semivicoli, formerly owned by the baronial family Perticone, was built between the XVII and XVIII centuries.Its impressive outline stands from the top of Semivicoli hill, dominating the view.

Surprises and delights the guests with its luxurious and cozy details, leading you to unwind and relax.As there is only one aim: to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

Castello di Semivicoli welcomes all guests with 11 charming and one of a kind rooms, whose décor is inviting and inspiring. Refined details and contemporary design enhance the ancient, historical elements. Our guests will choose to stay in the old jail of the mansion or in the old servants’ wing, where comfortable and stylish double standards are located, together with the Junior Suite Segrete (a mini-loft featuring a lounge area), the Junior Suite Monastero (the Baroness’ room, featuring a secret passage to the church of the hamlet). Last but not the list.. the Superior Suite Granaio: a 130 sqm – room, with 17 windows, characterized by a bright , 360° view of the surroundings.

Castello di Semivicoli is the perfect place for cultural events, meetings and concerts. It is also the ideal setting for special events and truly romantic weddings. The ‘event room’ – the old place used for commercial activities – can host up to 150 guests and is equipped with state of the art audio visual instruments.

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