BIBO by Substance

Fine French cuisine in a setting filled with important & exciting works of modern & street art.

BIBO by Substance

French fine dining is brought to street level in Hong Kong at Bibo. Serving up a modern take on classic French cuisine, wines of merit and back-to-the-roots cocktails, Bibo is a passion project that gives a nod to bohemian lifestyle. It is a concept that redefines understated luxury. The ongoing and ever changing project is an international first that sees a collaboration of the world’s most renowned contemporary and street artists together in one space. From installations by Vhils, Invader, JonOne, Stohead, Kaws, JR, Mr Brainwash, Ella & Pitr, Mist, MadC to hangings and works by Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Daniel Arsham, Jeff Koons, King of Kowloon, Shepard Fairey, Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama to name a few, this pioneering project is set to open minds to a new way of eating and of seeing art.

Creative design agency Substance uses imaginative storytelling to unite two very different disciplines at street art restaurant Bibo. An elegant heritage building stands on Hollywood Road amongst antique shops and art galleries. Discreetly opulent touches suggest this may be a smart regional office for a prosperous business. Yet inside the building, people gather to enjoy fine French cuisine in a setting filled with important and exciting works of modern and street art.

"The challenge of this project was to create a restaurant where street art could exist alongside classic French cuisine. The client is both a connoisseur and extensive collector of contemporary art, who wanted to display collections in the space,” says Maxime Dautresme, Creative Director of Substance design agency. “We needed to see how modern street art, classic French gastronomy and the space could work together. I felt 1930s design - which is modern enough to serve as a backdrop to constantly changing and extremely eclectic artistic expression - would create an elegant and comfortable environment in which to serve French gastronomy."

The space embodies a 1930s Parisian balance between form and function. The entrance is striking and luxurious with marble floors and elegant light fittings. Everything has a curved functionality, invoking mechanical engineering and transportation design.

Substance is an award-winning independent branding and design agency made up of obsessive perfectionists, vivid storytellers and a surfboard. The agency was established in Hong Kong by Maxime Dautresme and Florian Michaux in 2011 as a multi- disciplinary agency specialising in Brand Identity & Strategy, Advertising, Packaging, Web & Digital and Interior Design. They are curious, adaptable, perfectionists and above all, human.

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