Style Bakery

Fresh loaves and sugary treats at this renovated bakery in Kiryu, Japan, by studio SNARK.

Style Bakery

Style Bakery was first established in the 1930s, but SNARK was asked to give the space a makeover that could potentially be applied to other branches as the brand expands.

The team developed a simple design concept that features wooden surfaces, tiled surfaces, grey steel frames and large pendant lamps, complemented by plenty of natural light. "Using the light grey as the concept colour of the brand, the shop holds the sense of unity, and the bright and clean atmosphere," said SNARK principal Sunao Koase, whose past projects include a bronze house in Saitama.

"In Kiryu, Gunma, Japan STYLE BAKERY was opened as the first prototype SHOP with a future view of store development. Renovating the long-established bakery operating since 1930, the shop aims to be a new type of enterprise, incorporating the features of both locally owned and globally franchised stores. A light gray, which is the concept color of the brand, is used in tiles, lights, steel frames, and a dirt floor. Variations of materials used, balance the color tint within the space, bringing out patisseries. Solid oaks are used for the top panel so as to enhance the warmth of the bread. Maximizing the height and the width of the windows and selecting a slim frame, it will bring brightness and freshness to the room. Using the light gray as the concept color of the brand, the shop holds the sense of unity, and bright and clean atmosphere at the same time, together with woods, soft lightning, and natural sun light from the windows."

photo© Ippei Shinzawa

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