The guiding concept of the project was back on the style of the high class barber 40's in Mexico.


Design studio Memela said "The guiding concept of the project was back on the style of the high class barber forties in Mexico. We made history Barbierattoo family to give a background to the new customers and thus generate confidence in the service. The logo shows a simplified services , complemented by original typeface specially made for our client. The cut mold stationery show in the abstract form of a razor. Creating an aesthetic, fine and simple environment for the graphic identity."

The legend about Don Luciano and Tony Barbierato, father and son, from a Venetian family business dedicated to the barbershop. Tony in his childhood he worked with his father shining shoes to customers and Luciano used his agility with the knife.

Tired of hostile life of his native city and learn with high hopes of a trip to the American continent where the first sail boat "Messico" in migrating to Mexico in 1933. Once arriving in the city, Luciano takes his profession as a barber and started working in the capital. Tony known for his passion for drawing travels to the United States of America and runs into the art of tattoo, becoming a professional tattoo artist. Years later Tony returned to Mexico to meet his father Luciano, realizing that together craft professions have opened a business of high hair and tattoos called " Barbierattoo " .

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