Bergen International Festival

Brand identity by Norway's most awarded agency, Anti.

Bergen International Festival (Festspillene i Bergen) presents art in all its guises from music to theatre, dance, opera and visual art. Established in 1953, the festival is one of the oldest and the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries, with more than 220 events during the 15 days it lasts. FOR ONE AND ALL. With content spanning from accessible street performances through traditional classical symphonies to the avant garde our challenge was to create a visual language that could speak for them all but still speak with one unified voice.

DESIGN AS MUSIC. Music is composed of sound and silence, carefully and mathematically structured through a perfect balance of rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and timbre – it is these very elements that Bergen International Festival embodies. The city comes alive during the festival through a harmonious syncopation of different rhythms and melodies, both in the content the festival presents and in the diversity of it's audiences. We've created a unique and strong visual profile that symbolizes the true essence of music and performance.

MUSIC & MATHEMATICS. Defining a strict mathematical framework for the logo allowed us to use the perfect square as a starting point for a rhythmic pattern. The pattern – created by applying the rule of four to the logo – provides us with the beat. The coloured bars; the music or human creativity/interpretation. Together they open up for endless possibilities while never loosing brand recognition.

INTERFERENCE. Interfering with the audience in new ways, through new technology or unexpected and appropriate merchandising has always been our backbone. In the case of Bergen International Festival – which is situated in one of the rainiest cities in the world – we have teamed up with Norwegian Rain to make a raincoat for the festival audience. A series of knitted sweaters is in the prototyping phase and a musical sequencer is currently under development. More on this later. The story of Bergen International Festival is far from over.

BIG IDEAS, VISUAL EXCELLENCY. Anti is a multi-disciplinary agency offering creative solutions to clients from every part of the world. "We believe in simplicity, storytelling and creating fans. If you start telling about your passions and believes it will create an authentic sharing of experiences and passion between client and brand. Experiences recruits fans. Fans creates financial opportunities. With a growing competition of attention are the brands who can secure a strong concept with a correct visual signature tomorrows number one brands."

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