Shustov Brandy Bar

Located in Odessa, Ukraine.

Shustov Brandy Bar

Denis Belenko Design Band have created the Shustov Brandy Bar for the Brandy Factory, located in Odessa, Ukraine. The walls are made from barrels, the ceiling is made from brandy bottles and the table tops are made from reclaimed barrel oak.

Denis Belenko Design Band — is an Odesa-based (Ukraine) design and manufacturing company that creates commercial interiors. "Basically it’s restaurants, cafes and shops. But we are happy to deal with any non-standard offerings — offices, underground bars, museums and pubs."

"We custom design and manufacture to any interior parts. All that is projected into the studio, made ​​in person, not to the bulk solutions — wooden and steel furniture, lamps, decorative wall and ceiling, eglomize, accessories, and even hydraulic tiles. We value the ergonomics and comfort of atmospheric and uniqueness, durability and aesthetics. It is very important to our interiors work as efficiently as possible, which is why we make them ourselves."

"We were fortunate to create a couple of great restaurants and a steep modest but incredibly popular cafes in which we have learned to work together seamlessly in any city with any format."

Credits: Architect – Denis Belenko // Architect – Yaroslav Zadorozhniy // Architect – Sergey Enkov // Designer – Andrey Bondarenko // Designer – Pavel Babienko // Project coordinator – Olga Zotova // Assistant manager – Sasha Bunda // Photo– Pavel Babienko

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