Square1 Holdall

Leather and canvas holdall travel bag by HardGraft.

Square1 Holdall

"Our über premium vegetable tanned Italian leather is hand-stained hide by hide. Skilled workmen apply natural colouring made from tree bark, etc. by hand onto the leather. This traditional technique needs a lot of time but ensures an amazing quality..."

"Each hide has its own special touch and is unique in tone and texture. This is a very honest and hands-on process and sometimes colouring can be found on the back which is proof of this age-old way of crafting leather. The leather has a natural skin structure that shows through. Sometimes you can see small marks or scratches which are evidence of the über premium and untouched quality. In order for the leather to last it needs to be taken care of by occasionally applying a small amount of leather balm or wax."

"Dirt, oils, cream or excessive amounts of water can penetrate the leather, you should try to clean it gently with a dry, soft cloth. If the leather does get wet, let it dry at room temperature. To protect it from excess water, apply a leather impregnator. Vegetable tanned leather changes over time becoming darker and warmer in tone, especially when exposed to the elements."

It's the bag you get out when you are ready for a full day of adventure. On your travels or on a shopping trip it just feels right. It's slim when empty but expands to such a great volume. You'll never leave the house without it. Whatever your day holds, the Square1 can handle it.

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