Omnom Hand Crafted Chocolate

This isn’t just chocolate, this is Omnom.

Omnom Hand Crafted Chocolate

Omnom Hand Crafted Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate producer in Iceland. "We produce hand crafted chocolate from organic cacao beans, originating from the cacao fields on the island jungles of the Caribbean, South America, Asia and Africa. We source only premium beans with the most interesting flavor profiles."

"Our beans are hand sorted, roasted with care and precision, cracked, winnowed and grounded down slowly to achieve the ultimate flavor, texture, and consistency. The only other addition is raw cane sugar with the exception of the Icelandic milk that is added to our milk varieties. Omnom’s sole focus is on the quality of our ingredients and the meticulous production of our chocolate. We use cacao beans from different origins in order to discover what makes each region special and unique and then enable each variety to find its´ true potential through our chocolate making process." This isn’t just chocolate, this is Omnom.

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