Sweet and Surreal

By Polish street artists Sainer and Bezt.

Sweet and Surreal

While Polish street artists Sainer and Bezt, who make up the group Etam Cru, are known for their humongous building-sized murals, they also spend a good amount of time in the studio creating surreal paintings on canvas. This past December, Bezt participated in a group show in Miami called "Shoot for the Moon" with pieces that included Hide and Seek, of a curious girl hiding in a forest while fish with tiny hats swim around her and Agoraphobia, which shows a young boy with a broken house covering half his body.

Sainer was recently interviewed for Graffiti Art magazine where he was asked how his work on walls influences his work in the studio. He replied, "When I paint on canvas, I don't make a conscious effort to transfer the experiences I've had on walls in the months beforehand. There's a simple reason for that - the tools I use on walls are not the ones I use on canvas. For example, I tend to drop and throw paint onto canvas. I can't adapt that to the walls - you wouldn't be able to make anything out."

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