Morgan Watch

Morgan Motor and Struthers London have collaborated on two bespoke L.E. watches.

Morgan Watch

Individually hand crafted by watchmakers Craig and Rebecca Struthers, these watches have been created to honour Morgan’s design ethics and company heritage. Heavily inspired by the traditional trench style popular when the first Morgan cars hit the road back in 1910, SfM watches share the same “old meets new” instant classic appeal as the cars, benefiting in exactly the same way from the retrospect of 21st century design.

The leather cuff strap is another feature popular from the early days of the car. Originally designed for their easy changeability on fixed lug watches, they feature the added bonus of raising the watch slightly off the wrist giving extra clearance and allowing for a larger case diameter whilst increasing hand flexibility and comfort. This additional room allows gear change without the winding crown making contact with the back of the hand.

Struthers London, after becoming the first watch company to win a prestigious Design Innovation Award for their ground-breaking platinum watch design, this husband and wife team of watchmakers have been working hard on their first major collaboration. The couple trained as vintage and antique watch restorers, honing their hand skills restoring watches manufactured over hundreds of years. With this, they combine their joint history in jewellery, silversmithing, and illustration; the Struthers take their inspiration from merging traditional hand skills with cutting-edge technology with the intention of creating an instant classic ready for the demands of the twenty-first century.

"This has been a fantastic experience working alongside one of our greatest inspirations in British manufacture. For us, Morgan sports cars represent the epitome of British cool and fly the flag for small UK independent designer makers. Designing a bespoke watch for a client is always fun, but designing a bespoke watch for a car is a little more challenging. From the outset we felt it was really important to reflect Morgan’s heritage and company ethics in our watch. There is an intimate level of detail dedicated to the design and manufacture of each and every Morgan car inside and out. They tell a story, from their ash wood chassis to their hand-beaten paneling and zero-carbon leather upholstery. Every element of these handmade bespoke sports cars is carefully considered and we wanted to reflect this attention to detail in the way we designed our watch."

To tell their story, the Struthers recruited the skills of acclaimed furniture designer from the Cotswolds, Howard Butler and Shrewsbury-based bespoke strap maker Christopher Clarke to ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship throughout. "We are both family-run companies, and the pride of putting your own name on something drives you to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Being able to take an idea from a sketch to a final product, realising the dream keeps us inspired".

You can buy the Morgan Watch here

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