TINE Melkerampa

Identity strategy and concept development by Scandinavian Design Group.

TINE Melkerampa

TINE Melkerampa, co-created with Inne Design. TINE is always looking for ways to connect with its end-users, to find an arena where its products are at centre and to show their actual origins - not usually seen by consumers during their weekly grocery shop. The opportunity to create a presence at Oslo´s brand new food-hall, Mathallen, opened up a new channel for TINE to help lift the brand as having a soul and personality. At Melkerampa, they can communicate and interact with the end-users at a point beyond the supermarket fridge.

In this case, the traditional meets the modern in a symbiosis of visual identity and interior design - the interior of the Melkerampa store allows for both selling and serving and it´s fleshed out through the use of elements from the visual identity. SDG worked in close collaboration with Vidgis A. Bergh, interior architect with Inne Design in the realisation of Melkerampa. The central element of the Melkerampa concept came to be "Hjemme hos TINE", reflecting the experience of coming home to a friend who always has a spare chair at the kitchen table with coffee on the stove. The long table acts as the centerpiece to the store, inviting visitors to rest a while and maybe chat with their table-mate. The informative design on the cheese signs on the shelves is reflected in the digital solution and takes on the task of informing about the brand to generations to come.

In developing the identity we focused on the long dairy culture which TINE has been a major part of over the last 130 years, and gave them a modern expression. The name Melkerampa conjures up images of the rich tradition of a social meeting place where news was exchanged. At Melkerampa you’ll find products you may or may not be familiar with, both private Melkerampa labels and existing premium TINE products. A digital strategy was created to support the physical store and amplify the brand online, including a Facebook and Twitter presence and a fully responsive website which beautifully shows off the profile in the digital arena.

According to TINE group management the project met all goals, needs and expectations. Melkerampa launched its own line of Hardanger apple juice which was sold out in its first week. Premium cheeses flew off the shelves including the 5-year Jarlsberg which was expected to sell over two months and was sold out after the store´s first two weeks.

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