The Efendi Hotel in Israel

Overlooking the historic city walls of Acre and the magnificent Mediterranean Sea beyond.

The Efendi Hotel in Israel

Located in Akko (Acre, Israel), the unique structure of this hotel combines two ancient houses that have hundreds of years of history stored within their walls. These houses were meticulously reconstructed and merged into one building before being converted into a boutique hotel.

The Efendi hotel is the fulfillment of a dream long held by Uri Jeremias, chef and proprietor of the famed Uri Buri restaurant. Complex preservation and restoration work over a period of eight years gave birth to a gorgeous, breathtaking pearl that was truly a labor of love. Thought was invested in each and every detail of the preservation work, which was performed under the supervision of the Antiquities Authority. Artisans were specially flown in from Italy in order to undertake this delicate work, as well as the restoration of the beautiful ceilings. Also preserved was a fresco of the city of Istanbul, which was found at the site. The fresco had been created in 1878 in honor of the new Orient Express train station.

All rooms in the hotel are furnished and equipped to the highest standards, and each room has its own unique character and style. Some rooms' ceilings feature illustrations, while others are made from preserved wood. Most of the windows offer sea views, while others look out over the ancient city of Acre and the scenic mountains of the Western Galilee.

For maximum relaxation and enjoyment, the hotel features a spa treatment room for couples, as well as an original 400-year-old Turkish bath that has been painstakingly preserved. An intimate wine bar has been built in the restored and renovated wine cellar, which dates from the Crusader era.

The exclusive boutique hotel succeeds in catching a special light, the air of the sea, the fortitude stored in the ancient bricks, and stunning scenery. The result simply transcends the imagination – a perfect blend of past, present, and future that conveys a stylish ambience of tranquility and intimacy.

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