World Press Photo 2014

For over 55 years the contest has encouraged the highest standards in photojournalism.

World Press Photo 2014

The contest creates a bridge linking the professionals with the general public. As the announcement of the winners makes headlines around the world, so the inspirational role of photojournalism is highlighted to an audience of hundreds of millions.

Spot News, 1st prize singles, Philippe Lopez

Spot News, 2nd prize singles, John Tlumacki

Spot News, 3rd prize singles, Taslima Akhter

Spot News, 1st prize stories, Goran Tomasevic

Spot News, 2nd prize stories, Tyler Hicks

Spot News, 3rd prize stories, Rahul Talukder

General News, 1st prize singles, Alessandro Penso

General News, 2nd prize singles, Moises Saman

General News, 3rd prize singles, Amir Pourmand

General News, 1st prize stories, Chris McGrath

General News, 2nd prize stories, William Daniels

General News, 3rd prize stories, Gianluca Panella

World Press Photo of the Year, Contemporary Issues, 1st prize singles, John Stanmeyer

Contemporary Issues, 2nd prize singles, Maciek Nabrdalik

Contemporary Issues, 3rd prize singles, Christopher Vanegas

Contemporary Issues, 1st prize stories, Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

Contemporary Issues, 2nd prize stories, Robin Hammond

Contemporary Issues, 3rd prize stories, Marcus Bleasdale

Sports Action, 1st prize singles, Emiliano Lasalvia

Sports Action, 2nd prize singles, Andrzej Grygiel

Sports Action, 3rd prize singles, Al Bello

Sports Action, 1st prize stories, Jia Guorong

Sports Action, 2nd prize stories, Ezra Shaw

Sports Action, 3rd prize stories, Quinn Rooney

Sports Feature, 1st prize singles, Jeff Pachoud

Sports Feature, 2nd prize singles, Anastas Tarpanov

Sports Feature, 3rd prize singles, Donald Miralle

Sports Feature, 1st prize stories, Peter Holgersson

Sports Feature, 2nd prize stories, Kunrong Chen

Sports Feature, 3rd prize stories, Alyssa Schukar

Daily Life, 1st prize singles, Julius Schrank

Daily Life, 2nd prize singles, Andrea Bruce

Daily Life, 3rd prize singles, Julie McGuire

Daily Life, 1st prize stories, Fred Ramos

Daily Life, 2nd prize stories, Tanya Habjouqa

Daily Life, 3rd prize stories, Elena Chernyshova

Daily Life, Honorable mention stories, Jana Asenbrennerova

Observed Portraits, 1st prize singles, Markus Schreiber

Observed Portraits, 2nd prize singles, Rena Effendi

Observed Portraits, 3rd prize singles, Pau Barrena

Observed Portraits, 1st prize stories, Carla Kogelman

Observed Portraits, 2nd prize stories, Peter van Agtmael

Observed Portraits, 3rd prize stories , Rena Effendi

Staged Portraits, 1st prize singles, Brent Stirton

Staged Portraits, 2nd prize singles, Abbie Trayler-Smith

Staged Portraits, 3rd prize singles, Nadav Kander

Staged Portraits, 1st prize stories, Danila Tkachenko

Staged Portraits, 2nd prize stories, Denis Dailleux

Staged Portraits, 3rd prize stories, Nikita Shokhov

Nature, 1st prize singles, Bruno D'Amicis

Nature, 2nd prize singles, Markus Varesvuo

Nature, 3rd prize singles, Shangzhen Fan

Nature, 1st prize stories, Steve Winter

Nature, 2nd prize stories, Kacper Kowalski

Nature, 3rd prize stories, Christian Ziegler

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