Vifa Copenhagen Speaker

A very stylish designed wireless speaker by Vifa.

Vifa Copenhagen Speaker

Authentic sound has been the soul of the Vifa brand ever since they started in the early 1930’s in Denmark. Introducing several innovative technologies, Vifa soon became a preferred supplier of loudspeaker units for many well-known high-end brands and kept that position into this century. "Based on this proud heritage, we now present our own series of wireless and portable loudspeakers. We have merged our technical expertise with a functional and aesthetical approach based on the Nordic design tradition. The loudspeakers will thus be named after the Nordic capitals, starting with Copenhagen. Each and every one is intended for the music lover who values exclusive design just as much as great sound."

Copenhagen weaves years of refined craftsmanship with contemporary lifestyle. With its light Nordic design, the loudspeaker plays elegantly together with the surroundings. Simple to use and portable, Copenhagen lets you create the atmosphere to suit your moment. It’s pure enjoyment in every detail.

The Nordic design of Copenhagen is reflected in its shape and in the choice of materials. Contrasts interplay with each other; the warm, rough ‘look and feel’ of the textile against the smooth, matte polished aluminum frame. The discretely embossed logo and embroidered volume buttons complement the understated look of Copenhagen. Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles, Kvadrat, has produced the special-woven textile cover. Kvadrat’s sense of quality and the longevity of their textiles match the Vifa brand perfectly.

To personalize your experience, Copenhagen comes in six selected colors. Each color has its own vibrant character, energetic, elegant or understated. Choose the one you desire the most.

Creating authentic sound is a matter of orchestration. It’s the art of making the finest components and technology play together. Only human talent, the love of music, and an uncompromising attitude to quality can make this happen. This is our philosophy and the reason why you will be thrilled by the sound of Copenhagen; a sound that is true to your favorite pieces of music, both for peaceful moments and for celebration.

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