In Residence: M. Anastassiades

NOWNESS takes us inside the designer's London home.

For years Michael has produced his work in very limited quantities as editions of quality crafted pieces and small runs. In 2007 he set up a company to increase the availability of his objects. He traveled around the world and located small family run workshops to fabricate his pieces. The workshops were selected for their unique manufacturing skills and tradition in the use of materials. The first collection of pieces to be introduced follow two years of meticulous preparation. It combines fine detailing with honestly expressed materials reinforcing the elegant simplicity of the designs. All the products are hand made in unlimited editions. The glass work is free blown, the stone work is hand carved, and the metal finishes are bespoke. Each piece, stamped with the designerÂ’s mark, is manufactured in accordance with the purity of his original vision. Michael AnastassiadesÂ’ philosophy is to produce exceptionally designed objects of permanent value.

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