Private Niche

Berlin-based designer Anna-Maria Scharf presents the importance of material security.

Private Niche

How does it feel to grow up in a society, in which the importance of material security turns self-realization into our own greatest aspiration? With nothing pointing down the right road?

Once again, young people long for something tangible and safe. The need for stability is not just a renaissance of traditional values; it is amplified by our split aesthetic through the consumer society as a framework of our actions and ambition. "In my work, objects are the modes of expression and the main point of identification for the subject. They tell the stories to unravel the fragilty of the system, where at the bottom line, the status quo is ultimately just a blip in the experimental set-up of 'life'".

The collection of nine single images and image pairs entitled "Private Niche 2012 " are combined in a binder and are separately detachable. The works are supplemented by video installations.

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