A dream of building a brand that signifies beauty, quality and affordability.


VENQUE[pronounced Venk] brand was born in early 2011. Founded by two brothers, Viktor and Simon, were raised in Toronto, Canada. Both are creative and have an interest in fashion and design. After years of working in the fabric industry and in numerous fashion design houses, they decided to launch their own label to fulfill their childhood dreams. Viktor and Simon believe that commitment in design and a focus on quality will make their dreams comes true; a dream of building a brand that signifies beauty, quality and affordability.

The name VENQUE was inspired by a combination of both English and French — the two official languages of Canada. Canada is beautiful, with its amazing natural resources and landscape, has a blended heritage of English and French, and additions from all cultures around the world. Viktor and Simon's main source of inspiration came from aspects of their daily life in Canada, giving a new perspective of how to build something beautiful.

Fine craftsmanship has always been appreciated, and has always been the foundation of VENQUE. Like Viktor and Simon's personal nature, VENQUE is obsessed with every detail. With many years of experience working in the fabric industry, Viktor and Simon understand fabric quality and design. Our fabric was exclusively designed and used for VENQUE bags, but a great design is nothing without great partnerships. VENQUE spent over a year looking for the best manufacturing partner for our bags. After countless site visits and hands-on research, the collaboration of design and manufacturing was perfected.

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