Zootechnical By Joao Loureiro

Abstract foam layers form realistic animal sculptures.

Zootechnical By Joao Loureiro

The Brazilian artist created the series by layering together slices of gray foam in his ongoing exploration of "relationships between form and function and, more importantly, between inanimate objects and the habits they relate to and, also, conform with".

"Loureiro piled together all different shapes and sizes in organized rows to form the lifesized creatures including a rhinoceros, an elephant, a small rat, a donkey, and a wolf. Built in grayscale, the animals take on a unique, monotone physical appearance. From up close, viewers can inspect the details of each sculpture, including the soft texture of the material as well as the odd-shaped layers reminiscent of rock formations. In the wild, it's best to maintain a safe distance from these animals. However, in the pixelated, still life form, each cuddly creature appears quite friendly and approachable."

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