Explore Our Changing World

National Geographic launched a new initiative called Your Shot.

Explore Our Changing World

"In celebration of our 125th anniversary, we invite you to join this assignment. We live in a fast-paced world that is getting faster all the time. Things happen that the human eye cannot even register. That’s when the power of photography really shines. It captures what other tools cannot. Now more than ever, that power is vital to documenting the world we live in. And that world is changing faster every day. Photography enables us to capture that change, document it for others to see, and explore what that means for ourselves and our communities." photo© yaman ibrahim

photo© Eiko Jones

photo© Jonathan Tucker

photo© Dimitris Maroulakis

photo© Junaid Ahmed

photo© Ryan Deboodt

photo© Allen Rooke

photo© Rolf Maeder

photo© Kent Shiraishi

photo© Wayne Panepinto

photo© Andrew Inaba

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