Martina Sperl Branding

A skilled trade’s brand has to be tangible. It has to be the base for authentic design, to tell a story.

Martina Sperl Branding

Martina Sperl realized her life’s dream and opened an own upholstery workshop in Graz. The subtle Corporate Design deals with Sperl as a person and breathes fresh life into her furniture. It’s simply some kind of eternal beauty that she’s able to give to the things she's working with.

moodley brand identity is an owner-led, strategic design agency which has received a number of international awards. "Since 1999 we have worked together with our customers to develop corporate and product brands which live, breathe and grow. So whether it’s a matter of corporate start-ups, product launches or brand repositioning, we think our key contribution is to analyse complex requirements and develop simple, smart solutions with emotional appeal in the field of strategic consulting."

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