Leaf cutting art by Spanish artist Lorenzo Manuel Duran.


"Naturayarte came up when I decided to start working on Organic Art, when I put the canvas aside and began cutting plant leaves with a scalpel. It is the space I dedicate to all those things that do not "fit" in an artist's portfolio."

"Using a natural element as a plant leaf is, made me realize that maybe I was facing the opportunity to reflect my respect for the environment. Personally, my life has always been linked in one way or another to nature. My fascination with animals and plants developed in me the curiosity towards them, seeing them as an indispensable part of our life. On the other hand my love of the mountains made me realize how insignificant and important we are at a time in this great game of life. For me a plant is a complex mechanism of energy synthesis and a simple leaf hides mysteries that only time will reveal."

"And thinking about the importance of ecosystems, where the tree is about what turns a lot of species and therefore must be taken care of, I try to keep in mind the following phrase: 'The environment is one of the essential parts of a living being." (Jorge Wagensberg)'.

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