Bamboo Bike For Urban Streets

Guapa are shapers of the worlds most distinctive, beautiful and performance orientated bicycles.

Bamboo Bike For Urban Streets

Def: "guapa" - Guapa' meaning gorgeous/beautiful. As a start up company, Guapa is all about fusing many facets from our lifestyle sports and passions into a product that fits our current lifestyle or one we want to envisage. "Here at Guapa we are innovators, imaginatives, creatives and thinkers. We dream about how we want to shape the future; we have taken the most fundamental mode of transport the bicycle and reengineered it using proven technology fused together from surf, skate, snow, kite and wake sports."

"Guapa in its infancy is young; focused on bringing a refreshing approach to our products which we hope can be reflected back into your lifestyle. Always aiming to inspire and be thought provoking; conscious with our impact on the environment, balancing performance and sustainability."

"The first bicycle out of Guapa is our all-round urban single speed city bike "Urban One" that is equally at home on the beach boardwalk as it is deep downtown. Urban One is like no other bike on the market today, the frame is uniquely comprised wholly of Bamboo and reinforced with Carbon Fibre to provide a frame that different in terms of aesthetics, materials and construction. This unique bicycle frame is a real performer and serious competitor to advanced carbon composite frames, being lighter than most steel or aluminium single speed bikes and with a stiff ride comparable to full carbon frames it has found a niche - stiffness without the compromise of vibration."

"Using a mix of T700 aerospace grade bi-axial carbon fibre and an orientationally biased bamboo fibre configuration, Urban One has been designed to withstand maximal forces during city riding and provide a stiff structure to maintain a high performance machine. The addition of Bamboo provides unique vibration dampening qualities that are resultant from this organic bicycle frame design & construction."

"Urban One is innovative in its construction, which has resulted in a new bicycle design and gorgeous aesthetics. We believe great design results in a great looking products, and bikes from Guapa are like no other on the market. The patent pending layered construction provides a completely distinguishable bike design, one that is beautiful, not only in terms of engineering to meet functional requirements but one that provides visually head turning aesthetics. Choice of components is important to us, minimising complexity to ensure the frame and its organic design and feel is actually transferred to the cyclist. Rear brakes have been mounted underneath to keep operation concise and leave the frames natural curves undeterred."

"Guapa bikes are waterproof and do not shrink or warp. They have been re-engineered from proven constructions within snowboarding, surfing, kiteboarding and Stand Up Paddle of which, most products spend all their working lives in the water being pushed to their absolute limit. We hope you can visualise our products as an evolution of these. Our topsheet technology & UV coating guarantee our products withstand tough weathering to ensure longevity. A known construction evolved into a new industry; thats what Guapa is on the pinnacle of achieving. All metallic components used are CNC machined out of billet aluminium, split rear hangers allow for the addition of belt drive systems with ease; with a new rear hanger currently in the Guapa Design Works for a future model."

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