Caro Hotel

A memorable hotel experience just in the heart of Valencia.

Caro Hotel

As a small museum where original historical elements subtly merge with the contemporary line of design developed by Francesc Rife, Caro Hotel hides a number of little secrets that, as a whisper, allow the guests to travel through the time.

"Either outside in our sunny private terrace which houses the Meta Bar, maybe under the glass ceiling crossing the Arabic wall of Valencia or simply in the Arch room in our restaurant Alma del Temple, Caro Hotel is a suitable place for a good variety of individual or professional events. Discover, in detail, several of the spaces that create, possibly, the most special atmosphere in Valencia."

"Ornamental elements of almost 2,000 years old, wooden beams from the eighteenth century, bright rooms with skylights, the 800-years-old Arabic wall of Valencia behind the bedhead, the former ballroom of the nineteenth-century palace, surprising concrete ceilings… Caro Hotel makes a unique range of 26 rooms available to the guest. Every room is different from each other, just in the heart of Valencia."

"A space in which a historical legacy present in its own right, and yet destined exclusively for modern-day hotel use requires an audacious, balanced, almost ascetic interior design, which respects the construction’s various historical substrata, yet without replicating these various layers, and so honouring them with its new, counterpoised character and maximising their use."

"The interior designer, Francesc Rifé, is the expert who provided the building with its new personality. Recipient of the interior design award Premio FAD de Interiorismo 2009 and with an insatiable appetite for further challenges, he has created a unique, inimitable atmosphere. He has endowed the Caro Hotel with its own soul, a meaningful personality of its very own. The silent dialogue between the stonework and the Rifé aesthetic lightens the spaces and imbues them with a sobriety, a linearity and congruity which allow the winds of time to blow through the rooms without ever renouncing their twenty-first century ethos."

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