A project of designers Alberto Fabbian and Paola Amabile.


Around the table we can discuss, confront each other, share thoughts and ideas. Workbench is a table where materials processing methods are the exchanged words. Blending several skills together to get new outcomes and possibilties; in this way Workbench represents the opportunity to tell new stories, connecting different traditional handcraft knowledges. Transforming the final sense of an object, the starting point is represented by different overlapped processes, which are the essential focal point to get new results.

Workbench takes shape by processing wicker and clay. Woven wicker usually needs a cold water bath to be handle, while clay requires an high temperature baking process to become ceramic. Thanks to these properties, traditional handcraft methods generate different objects. Wood flexibility and ceramic fragility, the weaving and the dough, the drying cycle and the baking process, all together on the same table, where materials and methods complement one another and the final result is a contamination between two different world.

Alberto Fabbian shares ideas and activities in an enriching and intense collaboration with Paola Amabile. They are two Italian designers based in Northern Italy and share their interest in creating projects as containers of knowledges through a continuous dialogue with different identities holding human, cultural and territorial values. They identify their role as responsible explorers by investigating new connections among actors, processes and knowledges. Their purpose is to create positive impacts by transferring contents that can be shared in several forms, whether objects, situations or food for thought.

They recently worked in close contact with local craftsmen to create Workbench project, which has been exhibited during the Milan Design Week 2013 at “Ventura at Work” Exhibition. Workbench is the result of a collaboration between two traditional artisanal realities as wicker and clay. Through an experimental research approach, the project reinterprets feelings and technical possibilities of both materials combining them together, in order to identify new languages and processes.

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