Domus Civita

A unique experience of serenity, beauty and respite for the discerning traveler of Italy.

Domus Civita

A beautiful vacation home in a unique Italian jewel.

To arrive at the foot of Civita di Bagnoregio is to discover a place that until then only existed in dreams: the ultimate Italian hill town preserved by a rich and splendid history and by the love of its current inhabitants. Entering the old town by walking over its footbridge and going through its Etruscan gateway is like stepping back in time 600 years to rediscover the beauty and peace of a different way of life. The town appears almost made of gold and silver - the gold of the tufa rock of its cliffs and houses, the silver of its basalt paved streets. Like a jewel that was eroded by time only to preserve its most beautiful core, Civita will transport you to a place of wonder and poetry, close to the incredible history of man’s tenacity and vision, to nature’s endurance and labor of love.

Civita’s most illustrious citizen, the philosopher Saint Bonaventure, once said “sentiment penetrates where intelligence does not reach” and the town in many ways represents just that…a place to get lost in, beyond our understanding of it.

"We believe that Civita is one of the most noble and beautiful places on earth and by restoring a small piece of it we wanted to partake of the magic that enticed us when we first fell in love with it. The restoration of Domus Civita was first of all an homage to a town that survived earthquakes and landslides, war and famine, and found its rightful place in our modern world; and, secondly, an attempt to provide a unique experience of serenity, beauty and respite for the discerning traveler and lover of Italy."

"If beauty is truth and truth is beauty, we found both in Civita and we are delighted to share our unique home in this magical place with you."

Domus Civita is a portion of a 14th century palazzo that sits on an underground system of caves, etruscan thombs and a Roman water cistern. The floor tiles, the stone fireplace, the rustic ceiling beams are still the original ones and have been carefully restored. Through the caves you access the beautiful formal italian garden which hangs between 2 stone cliffs with amazing views of the surrounding valley.

From the formal Italian garden you can access 2 stone caves that have been converted into an amazing and unique pool with hot tub as well as a garden kitchen. Below these an underground art gallery has been created in a medieval wine storage grotto. These spaces have all been carved into the tufa rock of the cliff centuries ago and we reinvented their use to provide unique amenities that enhance the magical quality of the house.

An old Roman water cistern, still plastered in its original hydraulic plaster, has been transformed into a truly unique wine cellar of highly selected local wines for our guests’ delight. It is accessed through a medieval set of caves and tunnels dug fully into the rock which also connect the house to the garden. It is a magical experience to walk through and being able to enjoy these unusual underground spaces.

"Restoring a house in Civita is an act of love first of all. The difficulties of transporting materials to and from the town make the challenges unique and, if anything, they taught us the meaning of patience! It was a real treat and honor however to be able to undertake such a noble task in such a beautiful and unique Italian hill town."

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