2Day Languages

Masquespacio have designed the interiors of a new language school in Valencia, Spain.

2Day Languages

This project in first case is based on the identity of 2Day Languages represented by a flag that is fused with a text bubble including the three fundamental characteristics of language learning: the levels, the goal and the conversation. By the other hand it integrates the historic values from the city of Valencia that mixes modern and old architecture. A fusion symbolized in this new Spanish school through its neoclassical architecture and the intervention from Masquespacio’s designers. The space is developed on an area of 183 m2 that contains three classrooms, a staff room and a lounge.

Each of the classrooms and common rooms are a defragmentation from the brand identity of 2Day Languages and also incorporate parts of the Spanish language and the architecture of Valencia. In first place it can be seen that the classrooms are containing the three brand colors, which in turn are a representation of the three levels A, B and C established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, here seen as the colors blue, yellow and pink. Every classroom contains a different color that is fading as if presenting the progress in language learning. On the other hand the sculptural lamps are another defragmentation from the graphical elements. Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of Masquespacio comments: “As in the classrooms the students and their teachers are the protagonists, we wanted to limit our intervention to a minimum, without forgetting the freshness and ‘good feeling’ that needed to breathe each space, as well as the importance to equalize the mix between modern decoration and the beauty of the neoclassical architecture of the building. We opted for warm materials like pine to generate pleasurable sensations with functional features to make easier the school operations. 2 tables instead of 1 in each classroom were chosen to be separated and stacked during activities. Also the chairs were chosen to offer maximum comfort to the students and with stack options for better circulation during activities.”

Getting out of the classrooms in the common areas, where the students of the different levels meet each other, levels and colors are mixed up together. This happens in the reception, but also in the hall through little shreds from the gradient colors added to the bottom part of the wooden ceiling. Last but not least the lounge room follows the same unity of colors, but this time merged into the decorative elements subtracted from the brand identity. Undoubtedly this part of the project is the one where the decoration has a more prominent role, faithful to the design established in other parts of the school. Headliner here is the representation of the communication elements, relevant words of the Spanish language and some icons from the architecture of Valencia, using a technique of knitting with wool and nails.

Masquespacio in this project wanted to remain true to its philosophy traduced into creativity, identity and democratic design always under the concept of designing a space to live and enjoy with a freshness that makes the users feel comfortable while being overwhelmed by emotions generated by the space itself.

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