Amelie and Friends

We spent a year looking for the right project until finally we found Amelie and Friends.

Amelie and Friends

Amelie and Friends is owned by Andrew and Yvonne Cohen. "After a successful career in medical practice and having sold our software business we wanted a new challenge."

"We spent a year looking for the right project until finally we found Amelie and Friends – a restaurant with great ingredients: a beautiful historic building in the heart of Chichester, chefs of the very highest quality from the renowned Michelin-starred West Stoke House and a charming and friendly front of house team."

"We are new to the world of hospitality, but we have a good team around us and it is exciting to be constantly learning. We are working hard to turn Amelie and Friends into a thriving restaurant based on a reputation for good food and good service."

"The kitchen is superbly lead by our Head Chef Joel Massey. Joel has spent his career working in some of the finest kitchens in the South of England and has a deep love for and understanding of fine cuisine. It is a pleasure to occasionally spend a few minutes in the kitchen just watching Joel work – whether it is effortlessly butchering a saddle of venison or whisking up a perfect hollandaise."

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