Self Portraits

Great work by Greek artist Nikos Gyftakis.

Self Portraits

"It is in my portraits that the work of art is organised around a dominating, dynamic topic and it is fully radiant with movement, flow and musicality. With the line being the main medium, the curves replace the corners and the continuity comes in place of the discontinuity. There are no contour lines and the figures, the light, and the colour, all flow in space and in the surroundings"

"The structural elements I use are the circle and the curved line, which characterise my perception of the visual reality. The figures are being underlined in tone with the use of a sculptural texture and the are left to move in curving-circular movement in space, creating intense distortions/disfigurements. The font has no self-existence, wherever it exists, thus creating an almost chaotic outcome, a deceptive anarchy, where the rhythm moves in space."

Nikos Gyftakis was born in Athens, Greece in 1981. He studied Painting, at the School of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1999 - 2005) and also Theatrical Stage and Costume Design (2001-2003) at the dpt. of Theatre (S.F.A.). His musical studies (National Conservatory,1987-2001) constituted a point of reference and inspiration for his artistic quest. Since 2005 he has been teaching Painting and Costume/Fashion Design in public and private institutions. He has also created the stage-setting and paintings for several movies and theatrical shows and at the same time he has been curating art exhibitions. He has several successful personal and group exhibitions to his credit, in Greece and abroad. He now lives and works between Athens and Stockholm.

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