It is the structure of the alphabet which lays the starting point for my collection: R.E.B.E.C.C.A.


Abecedarius is a form of poem, or alphabet book where successive letters are used as the starting point for a word, sentence or paragraph. From a humble and structured starting point, limitations then fall away, and new ideas, stories and worlds materialise. It is the structure of the alphabet which lays the starting point for my collection: R.E.B.E.C.C.A. With each letter of my name I have written a short poem, each a distinct and surreal insight, with an accompanying illustration to create one piece of art.

Restless, wide awake in the depth of night, through the window of darkness the moths are scattering, the owl hoots....

Experiencing delirium, I walk these stairs up and down, while sleep has taken you out of sight, the blackbird losses its balance, the stitches rip, and exposed is the wound…

Between the seams of the dream immersed are the flies, cut it open, let them run, always aware that at some time we will have to climb back out of this space…

Entering the realm of miscommunication, turn up thy symphony, dreams of balloons through my head, I wish I could swim…

Consumed with the scent, drifting within its surface the lucid zebra is engrossed in a glum sleepwalking slowness, time passes, let your lungs breath....

Crossing my fingers tranquil and perplexed, the tea pot tilts, I remember but it hasn’t happened yet, flutter me free your eyes in green…

Articulating words, drinking from the ink pen that bleeds, drowning my head with black, phenomenon occurs the white horse hears the cries of the drowning bat…

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