Photo of the Day - June

National Geographic Photography presents best shoots for June.

Photo of the Day - June

JUNE 30, 2013, Cow, Romania, Photograph by Guy Cohen

JUNE 29, 2013, Hindu Ritual, India, Photograph by Arun Saji

JUNE 28, 2013, Bagpiper, Scotland, Photograph by Kaitlyn Campbell

JUNE 27, 2013, Fennec Fox, Morocco, Photograph by Francisco Mingorance

JUNE 26, 2013, Fishermen, United Arab Emirates, Photograph by Shoayb Khattab

JUNE 25, 2013, Summer Palace, China, Photograph by Shen Xinhang

JUNE 24, 2013, Reflection, Reykjavík, Photograph by Dana Clemons

JUNE 23, 2013, Cherry Blossoms, Japan, Photograph by Hideyuki Katagiri

JUNE 22, 2013, Tallinn, Estonia, Photograph by Tarik labrighli

JUNE 21, 2013, Crinoid Shrimp, Philippines, Photograph by Fabio Strazzi

JUNE 20, 2013, Night Sky, Patagonia, Photograph by Max Seigal

JUNE 19, 2013, Correfoc, Barcelona, Photograph by Carlos Rodriguez Pacheco

JUNE 18, 2013, Moscow, Russia, Photograph by Dara Pilugina

JUNE 17, 2013, Bira Beach, Indonesia, Photograph by Dody Kusuma

JUNE 16, 2013, Bamboo Forest, Japan, Photograph by Teruo Araya

JUNE 15, 2013, Cafe Patron, Paris, Photograph by Christophe Debon

JUNE 14, 2013, Evening Walk, Sydney, Photograph by Joel Ford

JUNE 13, 2013, Hawa Mahal, India, Photograph by Edward Graham

JUNE 12, 2013, Waves, Iceland, Photograph by Sophie Carr

JUNE 11, 2013, Tokyo, Japan, Photograph by Danilo Dungo

JUNE 10, 2013, Eastern Screech Owl, Georgia, Photograph by Graham McGeorge

JUNE 9, 2013, Bathers, India, Photograph by Santu Mondal

JUNE 8, 2013, Musicians, New Orleans, Photograph by Robert Davies

JUNE 7, 2013, Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, Photograph by Douglas Croft

JUNE 6, 2013, Orda Cave, Russia, Photograph by Viktor Lyagushkin

JUNE 5, 2013, Citroen, Vietnam, Photograph by Loren Klein

JUNE 4, 2013, Rooftop, Edinburgh, Photograph by Rachel Seago

JUNE 3, 2013, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Photograph by Melih Sular

JUNE 2, 2013, Swifts, Iguazu Falls, Photograph by Francesco Filippo Pellegrini

JUNE 1, 2013, Booth Island, Antarctica, Photograph by Nancy Dowling

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