Fan The Flame Campaign

Ogilvy & Mather London has released a new print campaign for Amnesty International UK.

Fan The Flame Campaign

The Amnesty International Fan the Flame ad campaign is incredibly powerful. It depicts hateful crimes and social violence in paper-like dioramas. Although the all-white imagery at first dulls the seriousness of each scene, the burning fire on the attackers sends an even stronger message.

Conceived and executed by the Ogilvy & Mather ad agency branch based in London, England, the Amnesty International Fan the Flame ad campaign was art directed by Denis Kakazu with creative direction by Gerry Human. The popularity of dioramas is given new context in this campaign. The anonymity of the characters allows people to project whomever they care to, which provides a deeper connection.

Credits: Executive Creative Director: Gerry Human. Copywriter: Giles Montgomery. Art Director: Denis Kakazu. Illustrators: Aleksey Lyapunov, Lena Erlikh. Photographer: Derek Hillier. Business Directors: Jaimes Leggett, Anchie Contractor. Account Managers: Natalie Young, Clare Dimmock.

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