Casa del Agua

Well made, practical, timeless, but especially beautiful.

Casa del Agua

Inspired by tradicional processes, CASA DEL AGUA® emerges as a nostalgic brand that evokes and appeals to that which is well made, to the practical, to the timeless, but especially to the beautiful.

Man, machine, and nature come together in a common language, unafraid to speak with clarity and purpose. CASA EL AGUA® is the encounter between past and present speaking with a high sense of “honesty and transparency”.

Also known as “El Agua Local” (“The Local Water”) or – “De Barrio” (“Neighborhood”) because it collects, distills and armonices on site, CASA EL AGUA® is instinctively contemporary yet passionately classic. With conviction, it represents everything that is worthy for what it “is” and not for what it “intends to be”.

CREDITS: Architects: THiNC / Héctor Coss Location: Colonia Roma, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico Interior Design: THinC (Ignacio Cadenas + Héctor Esrawe) Interior Architecture: Héctor Coss Design Team: Héctor Coss y Alejandro Tazzer Landscape Architecture: Alejandro Tazzer & Héctor Coss Project Year: 2012 Photographs: Jaime Navarro, Rocío Serna Construction: Factor Eficiencia y Econstrucción Art Direction: Ignacio Cadena Graphic Design: THiNC, Cadena + Asociados Branding, Rocío Serna Bottle Design: Nouvel Studio / THiNC

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