Riccardo Guasco

An impressive work by illustrator and painter Riccardo Guasco.

Riccardo Guasco

Riccardo Guasco, alias “Rik” illustrator and painter was born in 1975 Alessandria. He studied at the National Arts Institute of Asti and later Decoration at the Fine Arts Institute in Turin. After his graduation, he immediately worked in the field of children book illustration and later as Art Director at a communication agency in Milan where he collaborates as illustrator and cartoonist with different communication agencies and editors.

Riccardo said to us: “I draw and paint everything I see around me for a curious need and the pleasure to communicate with all means that can leave a mark. Since ever I have been influenced by artists such as Picasso, Munari, Rodari and Chaplin. I think drawing is a kind of poetry and since the beginning of the millennium, I am looking for the lightness of shape and chromatic warmth using only a few colors. I draw very high houses, bicycles, big cetaceans, migrating birds, suspended boats, clouds and other objects that probably come from a place called fantasy.”

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