Castello di Reschio

You will be hard pushed to find a more idyllic, perfect hideaway.

Castello di Reschio

The ancient estate of Reschio stretches over thousands of acres of oak forests and olive groves in the Umbrian hills. With one of Europe's finest stables at its heart, Reschio is home to the Bolza family who, over the last twenty years, have been restoring its secluded ancient Umbrian farmhouses into masterpieces of contemporary architecture and design. For those who wish to own their own bespoke country retreat, the Bolzas will make available one of the remaining ruined farmsteads for sale. A unique opportunity to work with the estate's talented architectural team, the finished properties are widely considered to be among the most beautiful, secluded and well-appointed homes in the world. Eight of these properties are now available to rent as holiday homes.

Reschio is a thriving, family-run estate whose history can be traced back to the beginning of the 11th Century. At the entrance to the estate lies the imposing Castle which once guarded the Umbrian-Tuscan border. Today it awaits restoration but still houses the estate winery where every autumn the grape harvest is brought to be pressed. The working heart of the Estate lies a little further along the cypress-lined driveway. Here, beneath the Castello, Reschio's renowned stables and its private Osteria and Bottega can be found. From here, miles of winding private estate bridleways take you up into Reschio's hills and valleys where wild boar, deer, porcupine, pheasant, partridge and hare thrive in the ancient oak forests.

Hidden amongst the hills and valleys of Reschio are eight houses available to let, from small cottages to substantial palazzos, forming part of the over two dozen properties completed to date. Restored by the Bolza family from ancient farmsteads into breath-taking, light-filled modern houses, each is hidden at the end of miles of winding, private bridleways and set within its own landscaped Mediterranean gardens. Amongst the most well-appointed properties in Italy, the Reschio houses are country havens where privacy, seclusion and proximity to nature have not come at the expense of comfort, technology and service.

The architecture and restoration work at Reschio marries traditional Umbrian building-styles with an extraordinary contemporary sense of design. Each finished building is a beautiful piece of living architecture built for the modern world in the time-honoured traditions of Umbria and Tuscany.

The stables at Reschio breed and train some of the finest purebred Andalusian horses in the world. Inspired as a boy by the Lipizzaner horses of the Spanish riding school in Vienna, Count Antonio founded his stud in 1999 under the directorship of master trainer, Antonello Radicchi. The stud stallion and broodmares were selected for their modern lines, grace, power and intelligence from the world-famous Yeguada Candau stud outside Seville. Since then, Reschio has produced some of the most skilled dressage horses in the world.

Vines and olive trees are an integral part of the Umbrian countryside and both are cultivated at Reschio. Several of the farmhouses have been planted with their own vineyards and one has its own private winery. Planting, management and production of wine are managed by Anders Vinding-Diers who runs the estate winery at the Castello. There are around 4,000 olive trees on the Estate and their organic oil is a delicacy and a joy. Many of the farmhouses have their own olive groves and each October the fruit is sent down to the local olive mill to be pressed into beautifully light extra virgin oil.

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and it is not so much expensive!!

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