Cloudlands of Dubai

Dreamy images of dawn breaking over the desert city taken from the 85th floor.

Cloudlands of Dubai

Dubai is a busy city. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is continuously moving and expanding sideways and upwards, but in these photographs by the German photographer Sebastian Opitz it appears calm and at peace as the morning fog engulfs even the tallest skyscrapers. Shot from the 85th floor of the Princess Tower in the Dubai Marina, these stunning images capture rare moments of tranquility. The colourful photographs give a different impression of the UAE capital dubbed the 'City of Gold'.

The busy capital of UAE is engulfed in a fog bank, completely covering the crowded streets below, making the city appear as calm as the surrounding sea.

Looking over the edge from the 85th floor of the Princess Tower in Dubai Marina is enough to give anyone vertigo.

The morning fog is wrapped like cotton wool around the skyscrapers of Dubai as the sun rises.

A view resembling a scene from Hollywood blockbuster Day After Tomorrow the fog appears top be welling in over the city like a waterfall, completely engulfing all but the top of the highest towers.

The the 2,722-foot Burj Khalifa stretches high above the fog into the sky, in a shot that looks more like an illustration for a children's fantasy book than a photograph.

The Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, lights up the night sky in Dubai.

Dubai in the early morning, the calm before the storm of the rush hour.

The slowly sinking fog reveals a number of cranes as the oil-rich city continues to grow upwards.

The stunning photographs were all taken from the 85th floor of the Princess Tower in Dubai Marina.

One of the many cranes of Dubai peaks through the morning fog.

The mist clears as the city wakes up and a new day dawns over the oil capital of the desert.

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