Top 20(12) Inspirations

We present you the most popular inspirations of 2012.

Top 20(12) Inspirations

01. Tiny Flying Dragon: An insanely cool species of gliding lizard looks like a miniature dragon. View it

02. I Believe I Can Fly: Flight of the Frenchies. View it

03. 1930 Art Deco Henderson: A fantastic piece of history, the craftsmanship is absolutely stunning. View it

04. Make Your Own Terrarium: Terrariums are the perfect garden for any of you urban city dwellers desperate for a little green. View it

05. Origami Coop by Chris Mullaney: You can make good architecture with a chicken barn too. View it

06. Castello di Vicarello In Tuscany: Here, history lives on each path, in each stone, and every wall sings a song of the ancient past. View it

07. Spectacular Cloud Tsunami: The pictures of the unusual weather phenomenon in Florida are stunning. View it

08. Madison Street Bicycle: By Detroit Bicycle Company. View it

09. Colonie NYC: The owners are thrilled to bring their passions for food, wine and hospitality. View it

10. Underwater Dogs: An amazing project by award-winning photographer Seth Casteel. View it

11. Mercedes Benz Print Campaign: Look to the side without looking to the side. View it

12. DB4 GT Zagato Evocation: This rare, elegant yet powerful car is the only one available on the planet. View it

13. Smoking Kids by Frieke Janssens: A YouTube video of a chainsmoking Indonesian toddler inspired Freike to create the gallery. View it

14. The $50,000 Leica M9-P Edition: Advice: Don't cry after watching! View it

15. Escape to W Retreat & Spa: Get away from reality. W Retreat – Maldives is a tropical playground in the Indian Ocean. View it

16. Footwear by HardGraft: Inspired by selected vintage shoes Hardgraft surprised us again. View it

17. Wally Esense Mega Yacht: Italian shipyard Wally - internationally recognized for its luxurious projects - presents Esense. View it

18. Underwater Living Sculptures: It's environmental evolution, art intervention as growth, or a balancing of relationships. View it

19. Urban Calligraphy Project: An interesting project by Simon Silaidis. View it

20. 2012 Year in Pictures: By The Boston Globe. View it

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Klippkroog in Hamburg Massive Mural of Waves
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