The New York Black Out

After the passage of the hurricane Sandy. By photographer Christophe Jacrot.

The New York Black Out

"In my opinion, there are two ways of capturing the world for a photographer; on the one hand grasping its horror, and on the other sublimating it. I have chosen the second. More specifically, I like the way rain, snow and “bad weather” awaken a feeling of romantic fiction within me (climatic excesses are another topic). I see these elements as a fabulous ground for photography, an under-used visual universe with a strong evocative power, and with a richness of subtle lights. This universe escapes most of us, since we are too occupied getting undercover. Man becomes a ghostly silhouette wandering and obeying the hazards of rain or of snow. My approach is deliberately pictorial and emotional. "I not put on stage, i negotiate the random" Willy RONIS"

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Removed by Eric Pickersgill Herman Miller Formwork
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