Smith & Mills in Tribeca

Pull up a seat at the diminutive bar and watch the expert bartender whip up classic cocktails.

Smith & Mills in Tribeca

A keen interest in Bauhaus and Constructivism, a reverence for industry and design, all inspiration for a restaurant that contemplates and considers, bringing something new to something past. Akiva Elstein and Matthew Abramcyk have created an environment where soft lights envelope aging materials, from walls wrapped in molded plaster to a bar and doors fabricated from centuries-old wood, even to a turn-of–the-century elevator cabin. Chef Nick Korbee composes savory dishes that could be served in a chic wartime bunker, your necessary urban retreat. Precious, fleeting, with seasonal accents, Nick seeks out his favorite purveyors, such as the beloved Saxelby cheese monger, Anne Saxelby. Everything on the charcuterie plate is made in-house, as if to agree with the vision owners Akiva and Matt have of creating everything by hand, and intimately. Seating is designed inward, encouraging conversation and collective small plates to be shared beneath classic cocktails of egg whites, fresh juices, muddled cucumber, mint and bitters. Open seven days for brunch, lunch, dinner and late-night drinks.

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